About Us

Who We Are
We are a Family-owned and operated fishing business, spanning over three generations. Our fishing vessels and centres are located in Sungai Besar - Selangor, Kuantan – Pahang on the Malaysian peninsular and Tawau – Sabah in East Malaysia. We supply a wide variety of fresh seafood to wholesalers, wet markets, supermarkets and grocery stores all over Malaysia and Singapore.

Why Fresh Seafood- A Healthy Diet

We are what we eat and that impacts our physical and mental wellbeing. With healthy eating on the constant rise, so has the demand for easily accessible fresh seafood.

Seafood is rich in Omega 3 which is a crucial nutrient for brain development. Children with sufficient Omega 3 intake perform better in school in their learning process and memory capabilities. Besides that, there are 17 health benefits of Omega 3 for adults which are widely proven; these include reducing the risk of heart disease, battling autoimmune diseases, improving mental disorders etc.

Our Mission
To encourage a healthier diet for Malaysians by promoting and providing 100% natural, fresh seafood that meets or exceeds our consumers’ expectations. We strive to provide fresh, honest, safely prepared, quality seafood.

Our Philosophy

We believe in supplying to others what we would want to consume ourselves. Therefore, the grade of seafood that we sell is of the freshest and highest standards. We also believe that this practice is what sustains our long-term viability in this industry; our regular customers continue to support us while new customers become regulars customers.

Our Seafood

Our products are delivered with a guarantee - the guarantee that it arrives to you safely cleaned prior, and properly packaged during delivery. As experts supplying both fresh and frozen seafood, we ensure that all our products are cleaned, scaled, and gutted thoroughly as per industry safety standards. Our products are then be vacuum packed or flash frozen (for frozen seafood only) before being delivered.

Customers can opt to purchase different parts of a fish: fish head, fish fillets, fish cutlets, or even fish tail.

100% natural - No preservatives. No additives. No chemicals. No carcinogen. No antibiotics. Our products are cleaned thoroughly, packaged with care and delivered with love.

Our Service

Skip the hassles of looking for the freshest catch at the market or grocery store and leave that to us. Let us save you the time and trips as we only hand select the best seafood fresh from the sea to be packed and delivered to you.

Upon order confirmation, your orders are handpicked and thoroughly inspected to ensure utmost freshness and quality. Seafood is then individually vacuum packed and kept in insulated bags and stored in polystyrene boxes along with ice packs to maintain freshness and quality under optimum temperatures.

All you have to do is sit back and wait for your order to be delivered to your doorstep. Orders are delivered within 48 hours after confirmation.

Common Myths to be Busted

Traditional perceptions that wet markets are the best places to purchase fresh seafood are a thing of the past. With today’s innovation in technology and advancements in logistics, this shatters the traditional myth as we are able to provide an efficient sea-to-doorstep platform for our customers. On the contrary, wet markets do pose the danger of being “breeding grounds” for bacteria in raw seafood as temperatures are warm; this speeds up the growth of bacteria in raw seafood and fresh produce. In turn, this reduces the quality of the product.

By using vacuum packaging and flash freezing methods to prepare our seafood before delivery, these techniques ensure that the products you receive are guaranteed safe and fresh. Our flash freezing process does not disrupt the texture nor does it take away from the natural taste of our seafood. This is because unlike conventional freezing of perishable foods using regular refrigeration devices, flash freezing does not produce large amounts of ice crystals as most home refrigerators do which tarnishes flavour.

Flash freezing reduces the formation of large ice crystals and is the best way to preserve flavour and more importantly, nutrients.

Our Commitment

We are committed to supplying the finest and freshest seafood as we truly believe anyone and everyone can access affordable, healthy, and fresh seafood at competitive prices.

We stand proud behind our products and guarantee customer satisfaction. Thus, we are always happy to offer a replacement or refund on unsatisfactory orders.

Delivery Charges

​* Free Shipping on Minimum Order of RM200  - Klang Valley & Selangor.

* Free Shipping on Minimum Order of RM 250 -Perak/ Penang/ Negeri Sembilan/ Melaka/ Johor/ Pahang.

* Shipping to be Calculated before Checkout for All Regular Items.

* Terms & Conditions apply.

Delivery Scedules
Deliveries are scheduled every Monday, Tuesday, Wenesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Except Sunday

* Confirmed order/s (Home Order/s) are usually delivered within 48 hours.

* Upon receiving order/s, we will be in touch via phone text, WhatsApp, or email to confirm order/s.

* Terms & Conditions apply.

Our Contact
Just inform us at bigeyemart@gmail.com or reach us via WhatsApp 016 826 3898.

Email: bigeyemart@gmail.com
Phone: 016 826 3898
Address: No 13, Jalan 5, Bagan Sungai Besar 45300 Sungai Besar Selangor, Malaysia.